Choosing the Best Rubik’s Cube

When purchasing a Best Rubik’s cube, there are various factors to keep in mind when making a decision – aesthetic design, reviews and price are just some. Selecting one tailored specifically to your needs will guarantee hours of fun with this iconic puzzle!

The standard 3x3x3 cube is the most widely-played form, offering colorful surfaces and easy navigation. There are also numerous variations such as mirror cubes available.

MoYu 3x3x3 Speed Cube

MoYu’s Classic Dual Adjust System Speed Cube, Factory Installed Magnets and its vibrant colors make this an excellent choice for anyone seeking high quality cube at an economical price.

MoYu’s new flagship speed cube was designed by YuSheng Du, the holder of the 3×3 single solve record. It boasts a very smooth feel, impressive corner cutting performance and superb algorithm execution – not to mention its almost muffled sound as opposed to more common high pitched noise of other speed cubes.

MoYu’s latest release has quickly gained widespread acclaim due to its outstanding combination of value and performance. It boasts an exceptionally smooth feel, great corner cutting ability and outstanding agility and control properties; making this cube an excellent option for upgrading primary cubes or those needing fast and reliable cubes for school or work purposes.

Yuxin Litte Magic

Yuxin Litte Magic is an exceptional magnetic version of their award-winning budget Little Magic series, known for their incredible performance at an economical price. Featuring primary internals and frosted exterior finishes for enhanced tactile feedback and ease of use. It’s designed to resemble high-end 3×3 speedcubes without breaking the bank!

The Litte Magic offers silk-like solving and increased stability due to its 48 carefully installed magnets, with round corners on all pieces for better corner-cutting performance. Plus, this pop-safe and lockup resistant set won’t cause you any hassles!

As a beginner, the Yuxin Little Magic may be your ideal cube – its smooth turning and easy control make it ideal. Additionally, advanced cubers may want to upgrade from their current puzzle and this Yuxin model offers excellent turning action as well. We also sell mass-magnetized Litte Magic models which you can purchase here and also recommend checking out CubeDesk as an advanced cube timer with 1v1, Alg Trainer Leaderboards!

Shengshou Megaminx Dodecahedron Speed Cube

The Megaminx is an intriguing 12 face and center cube with an innovative design, featuring 12 face and center areas and 12 sides and centers. While more challenging than other rubik’s cubes to solve, there are versions tailored towards beginners. There are also variations with larger numbers of movable pieces such as Zettaminx, Petaminx Teraminx Gigaminx.

Some models feature large round corners to prevent pops and increase grip in your hands, as well as special grooves to reduce resistance and enhance the smoothness of the puzzle. Furthermore, branded models made of ABS materials provide both human and environmental safety.

As an entry-level or experienced speed cuber looking for a new challenge, the Shengshou Megaminx is an ideal solution. Durable yet attractive in design and with pre-applied standard ShengShou shades stickers pre-stuck onto its surface, its price makes this an excellent option for most.

Cubeleo Elite M

Cubelelo’s high-performance 3×3 magic speed cube features an innovative mechanism designed to facilitate optimal turning and corner-cutting performance. Magnets align pieces for tactile feel and improved stability, eliminating overshooting or unwanted lockups while high-grade super glue ensures optimal performance.

This cube features a smart tracker that connects it to an app and tracks every solve, scramble, and turn you make. Furthermore, its timekeeping feature can record and verify times so you can compete against cubers around the world!

Cubelelo Elite-M collection provides puzzles which have been professionally tensioned, lubricated and set up. You can specify exactly how you would like your puzzle set up – making sure you receive exactly the cube that meets your requirements! Examples of this would be Cubelelo Sail W Black Elite-M or MeiLong 3C 3×3 Elite-M (Magnetic). Both options provide budget-conscious shoppers with quality performance at an attractive price point.

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