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Efficient and Elegant – Custom Wardrobe Closets for Modern Living

If you’re in step 1 of Handbags Anonymous and have a coveted collection that requires more rods to hang them than you have or your shoes are lined up on the floor because your closet doesn’t have enough shoe shelves, consider adding one.

Custom wardrobe closets are a beautiful addition to any home and offer a multitude of benefits.

Efficient Organization

A well-designed closet system allows you to store all of your clothing and accessories while making it easy to find what you’re looking for. By assessing your clothing collection and your storage needs, you can plan a custom closet layout with hanging rods, shelves, drawers, and other features that best meet your requirements.

For example, you can install closet rods at different heights to maximize your hanging space. Shelves are ideal for storing folded clothes and shoes, while dresser-style drawers can be used to hold more bulky items like sweaters and coats.

A customized closet can also add a touch of luxury to your home with luxurious finishes and furnishings. You can opt for light cabinetry and drawers that will give your closet a clean, sleek look, or you can go all-out with a dashing chandelier, full-length mirrors, elegant bench seating, and accent lighting. These features will instantly transform your closet into a stylish room that makes getting dressed easier and more fun.

Increased Space

Your closet is the most used room in your home and can quickly become cluttered with shoes, ties, clothes and handbags. Having designated spots for these items can help streamline your morning routine and allow you to easily locate them when needed.

Whether you have a small walk-in master closet or miniscule reach-in closets throughout the house, it’s hard to find enough space for your entire wardrobe. You’re looking for a way to gain space without messy remodeling and came across a closet picture on Pinterest featuring a custom wardrobe closet.

Adding drawers to your wardrobe closet can create storage for folded clothing and other items that don’t fit well on hangers. You could also add a mirror to your closet so you can check out your outfit before going to work or an important meeting. You can even design a separate shoe storage area to keep your shoes stacked neatly and easy to find.

Visually Appealing

A customized closet is a beautiful way to showcase your fashion collection. It can include custom drawers for folded items and dividers that help keep clothing types organized. Alternatively, you can choose to organize your wardrobe with a color-coded system. This not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also helps you find your clothes quickly when getting dressed in the morning.

A professional closet designer will have a portfolio to show you that illustrates their design style and versatility. It’s also important to hire a local company that understands the regional housing trends, including architectural styles and buyer preferences.

If you have a cramped walk-in closet that won’t fit your massive shoe collection or if the minuscule reach-in closets in other rooms don’t meet your needs, consider upgrading to a stylish custom wardrobe built into the room. This solution increases storage space and adds value to your home. Learn more by booking a free consultation with a local closet expert today!


If you have the desire for a closet that blends seamlessly into your home and yet has the storage capacity to handle all of your belongings, a wardrobe custom closet could be exactly what you need. These European-style closet systems feature a wide variety of doors drawers and hardware options making them highly customizable. They can be used as walk-in closets or reach-in closets for bedrooms, entryways and home offices.

Wardrobe closets are designed to hold hanging clothing. Often these spaces are 24” deep to allow for shirts and dresses to hang freely. It can be challenging to see the contents of these areas and to reach items that are stored in the back when you’re getting dressed for work or a meeting.

One way to solve this is to add pull out or tilt hampers so that it’s easy to keep your dirty laundry organized and off the floor. This can save you a lot of time when getting ready each morning.

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