Finding Discord Servers to Join

Discord servers provide an effective means of communicating with friends both textually and vocally, gaming enthusiasts, game developers, and even community channels of various game publishers.

To join a Discord server, you need an invite link from someone already participating in the community. If no invite exists, public servers provide ample opportunity for exploring communities that suit your interests.

1. Disboard

Disboard is an invaluable platform for finding servers to join as well as promoting your own. Free to use, it provides many options all in one convenient location – when adding a server you can specify its language and category as well as add tags that help match users to appropriate servers, plus specify whether it is public or NSFW.

Once your server has been added to Disboard, you can promote it further by creating a channel and asking users to post in it – this process is known as bumping and helps bring your server closer to the top of its respective list. However, it should only be done every two hours and you’ll receive notification via Discord when its time.

Disboard provides several features designed to make your server user-friendly and secure, including two-factor authentication to protect moderators against threat actors and an explicit content filter to block inappropriate or spam content from being uploaded.

2. DiscordServers

There are hundreds of Discord servers out there, and joining one is now easier than ever with this platform. Simply use the Explore Public Servers button on the left sidebar to easily find servers related to gaming, study groups, artists/creators etc.

As soon as you select a server, you can read its rules and regulations before joining. Furthermore, channel lists provide insight into what topics are discussed on these servers – some are public for all to join while others require invitation to gain entry.

Discord servers support various roles, such as admins and moderators. These roles allow administrators to manage community member appearance, behavior and channel-specific permissions in an efficient manner. You can create channels filled with texts, images, GIFs and voice chat. Plus you can embed YouTube videos directly from within Discord as well as connect thousands of apps through its DIY bots to automate workflows seamlessly!

3. Discord Me

Discord is a chat and voice server where users can meet and connect, offering services for gaming, music, education and even political ideology. Much like Slack or Reddit but more flexible – Discord provides both public and private channels to facilitate conversations as well as easy side chats between participants.

Voice and video calls are also supported, allowing users to create private servers with those they invite or use one of the featured servers. Searches can be conducted either using guild directories on the home page or keywords that match specific servers.

Some Discord servers contain adult content. As such, it is advised that people only join servers labeled 18 years or over. Furthermore, server owners can set an expiration date on invitation links so if one expires and fails to work anymore it won’t work anymore. They can also create roles which grant permissions that apply across the whole server and which can be used to mute or kick users from joining.

4. Explore Public Servers

Discord is a voice and video chat platform with millions of servers designed to bring together communities who share similar interests, such as movies, TV shows, video games, hobbies or science and technology. People can access these servers through various sources including social media platforms and forums dedicated to these topics.

Explore feature on Discord allows you to find public servers that meet your specific interests, along with reviews and ratings to assist in selecting an ideal server for yourself.

To explore Discord servers, click the green compass illustration in the left sidebar. From here you can browse featured servers, select categories or search by name; when you see something that piques your interest click “Join this server” before proceeding; this may require reading and agreeing to server rules as part of this step.

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