The Role of Legal Representation in Agent Orange Compensation

Did you know that Agent Orange exposure lawsuits can be complex to handle? When your loved one gets sick from exposure to this chemical, the individual deserves compensation. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to go about the compensation process. If a person is not knowledgeable enough, they are likely to be compensated less than they should. This article will explore the role of legal representation in such lawsuits.

Understanding Agent Orange

The first step to knowing how much compensation you or your family deserves for exposure to Agent Orange is understanding the damage it can cause to the body. Agent Orange is a type of herbicide used in killing vegetation. Its component, dioxin, is very harmful to the human body. The compound was extensively used in the Vietnam War, leading to a large number of people being exposed to the chemical. It caused birth defects and illnesses among people.

The compound can stay in the soil when sprayed on vegetation for years. Therefore, its effects can affect generations. The chemical was banned in 1971 after research indicated a wide range of effects on the human body. It can cause hypertension, bladder, prostate, and respiratory cancer, among other illnesses.

Eligible Parties

The role of legal representation regarding Agent Orange lawsuits is that it outlines all eligible individuals for compensation. Lawyers outline the Agent Orange compensation rates, thus enabling you to understand the benefits you’d get from the lawsuit. People with a record of different types of military service are eligible for compensation.

Veterans who served in Vietnam from 1962 to 1975 are eligible for compensation. It is assumed that these individuals were exposed to the chemical that left many individuals with various illnesses. The individual should also provide proof of having the health conditions associated with the chemical exposure.

In addition, other military operations also make people eligible for these benefits. However, your lawyer will help you determine whether the specific military service exposed you to the chemical. The attorneys will help you prove whether the exposure to this chemical has a direct link to your illness. Hence, this explains why you should seek legal advice as soon as you notice symptoms of Agent Orange.

Why You Need Legal Representation

The process of seeking compensation for Agent Orange exposure can be tedious, especially for people unfamiliar with the law. In this case, the individual should file a disability compensation claim. Similar to other disability claims, the rate of success depends on how well a person presents the case. For instance, you should have sufficient evidence showing that the exposure to Agent Orange caused the illness.

An experienced lawyer would help you acquire all the necessary evidence. The lawyer would also ensure you get a fair rate for the compensation claims. If the veteran passed away due to the exposure, the lawyer would help the family members get compensation.

Why You Need Legal Representation

The most important part of legal representation in these cases is that the attorney would help determine a fair compensation amount. This amount can vary depending on the number of dependents and the claim filing date. It would also change depending on the disability rating. This means that people with severe disabilities would get more amount than those with minor illnesses. Therefore, you need to get an experienced lawyer to ensure you or your family member gets the best compensation rate possible.

Some claims tend to be denied, and if you have experienced such a scenario, you should consider hiring a lawyer. An accredited attorney will help you reopen the case and guide you through the necessary steps to make the compensation successful. Ensuring the lawyer has the necessary experience in Agent Orange compensation lawsuits is important.

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